The Dietician

To eat or not to eat? The real question is, what shall I chew on now?

That's food? I'll decide what to eat.

Originally bred to perform on a minimal amount of food, the Siberian requires less subsistence per pound than other breeds their size. Some will actually monitor their own intake and will pass up on eating a meal here and there. However, some will also acquire a taste for table food and will try to hold out for only table food.

Many new Siberian owners have been heard to say, "My Husky won't eat the kibble; she went three days without eating. I put some leftovers in her food and she finally ate, but she only ate the left-overs. The kibble was left in the bowl."

The husky will train the owner what to feed, if allowed. Huskies do require a balanced diet, high in protein and fat. Many commercial dog foods do not meet the dietary needs of the Siberian.

If left unattended...

Siberian huskies will find a way to entertain themselves. If you leave them unattended, you may be surpirsed by their selected activity. Getting to know your husky is crucial in understanding to what extent you may leave him or her alone in certain situations. Some know only to play their designated toys, while others will find new textures to explore, ranging from your shoes, to the couch or even the dry wall!

Can be cat friendly, but not always.

While we are on the subject of what Siberians like to eat, let's dispel the myth that Siberian Huskies will never be able to live with a cat. Although they have a very high prey drive, many Siberian Huskies have accepted cats as part of their family. Keep in mind that while the Siberian Husky has a very strong prey drive, they also have a pack mentality. Some huskies will accept cats as part of their pack.

However, while they may accept your cat as part of the family, that doesn't mean the cats—or the chickens, geese, rabbits, or goats—down the street are safe if they wander into your husky's sight. You should take the same care with any breed when it comes to other animals. Siberian Huskies are neither the rule or the exception.

Keep in mind that all Siberians will find a way to amuse themselves almost anywhere they go. That is why it is always important to find ways to keep them entertained. With their intelligence coupled with their power, they can be a handful for the unwitting home.