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Dog foods for your canine friend and information about what's in the bag.

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What's Really in Your Pet's Food?


This report from Animal Protection Institute (posted on A+ Flint River Ranch's website) explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting.

Pet Food Labels: What Reading a Label Will and Won’t Tell You About the Food


Learning how to read dog food ingredient labels, what they do and don't tell you.

Myths About Raw Feeding


This is a site dedicated to dispelling some of the many myths about dogs, wolves, and feeding raw meaty bones to our pets.

Rational for Archetype Diets


Read about the impact of processed foods on animal health.

Raw Fed Dogs


A great introduction to raw feeding.

Raw Learning


This site has been put together purely as an aid to learning about raw feeding.

Raw Meaty Bones


Learn about the health benefits involved with feeding your dog raw meaty bones.

Raw Feeding Yahoo Group List

Yahoo Group

A group email list of people who feed their pets a raw diet.

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