Xander – Available for Adoption

Second-hand dogs give first class love.

A male Siberian Husky with red/white fur.
He is 1 year, 8 months old.

Xander came to TOTTSHR at Christmas time. What a sad puppy! He was at a shelter and was likely going to be euthanized. His Christmas miracle was to come to a foster home and get lots of love and training. Xander is super affectionate with all of the people he meets. He just loves everyone and is ready for a belly rub and snuggle at any moment. He also likes to play with other dogs but he is likely going to grow into a strong male personality so he will probably do well with a female companion or an easy going male dog. Xander is not friendly with small dogs. He is housebroken and walks well on a leash. While he doesn't love his crate he can be crated. Also, considering he is a beautiful white dog it is a good thing that he is easy to bathe, brush and trim his nails.

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A foster dog in New York

This dog resides in our foster care, loved and cared for as our own. Just waiting for the day when their forever home is discovered.