Whiskey – Available for Adoption

Second-hand dogs give first class love.

A female Siberian Husky with black/white fur.
She is 2 years, 5 months old.

Whiskey is finally available for adoption. She came into rescue in April of 2016 and was TOTTSHR's first Heartworm Positive dog. After a lot of TLC, treatment and rest, Whiskey is all better and ready to find a home.
Whiskey is a big people lover. She is desperate to find and love be loved, all of the time. She is also doing well learning to be a dog friend. She is a little doggie oblivious. She is learning what other dogs like. Initially she was terrified of small dogs and then she was super curious. Now she is tolerant and will play if they play back. She is a big, and we mean BIG, talker. She has an opinion and a lot of dogs don't like that so she will probably do best with other huskies or as an only dog.
Whiskey is great in her crate and housebroken. She is very food motivated and is learning her basic manners. If you are looking for a companion who will never leaver your side maybe Whiskey is the right snuggling, sidekick for you.

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A foster dog in New York

This dog resides in our foster care, loved and cared for as our own. Just waiting for the day when their forever home is discovered.