The Siberian Husky Breed

Siberian Huskies are beautiful, affectionate, active, and intelligent. Yet, they are often misunderstood by people who are not prepared for the very traits they were attracted to in the first place.

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Husky Tip of the Day

Keep Your Husky on a Leash

Never trust a Siberian Husky off-leash. Please take our word for it to avoid assured heart-ache...shelters find numerous stray huskies, many are never reunited with their owners. Siberians love to run and unless they are carefully guarded and only allowed to run free in enclosed areas, an off leash Siberian will soon become a lost Siberian...or worse. Many Siberian Huskies with Champion Obedience titles have bolted out open doors or gates... and then never been seen again by their owners/trainers.

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Husky Personality Traits


It is always party time for these social butterflies. Huskies are very very pack oriented looking for companionship, both human and canine.

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Dog Activities


Do you like to jog? Grab a walking belt, hook up your husky and go for a run together. This is a great sport to share with your husky especially during the cooler months, even in the winter.

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Available Huskies

Ready for the challenge? Here are a few huskies looking for a home. Click on their photos to learn more about each dog. If you're interested in one, contact us and we'll arrange a meet with your family.

Many huskies either escape never to be reunited with their families or were just a bad match with their previous home owners. Consider spending some time researching the husky breed before making the commitment to adding one to your family.

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